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Journal -

Not that it is a huge surprise, but it has been another long period of time since I've updated this thing. A lot has happened since the last update. I had the awesome pleasure of having Stacy and Angela visit me from WI, during Memorial Day weekend.. We had an "extreme" weekend, to say the least. It was great to have them here, and spend time with them.

Another exciting event, was the Van and Megan got engaged a week-ago yesterday! I am sure that Van will eventually add the details of that on his page. I am sure that God has a lot planned for them, and their life together.

Last weekend, I went to Dan Schneider's graduation... Joe Gatto's graduation party... and Kabin's birthday party... and that was just Saturday. On Friday we had gone and seen Scooby Doo, which was a great movie. It was exactly what I was hoping it would be. This coming weekend, RiseJudah will be performing at a the Alpine Butterfly Lodge's Annual House Party. I know the guys are pumped to play and be heard.

Life is going quite well. I have been busy with work and life. What else is new though!? RiseJudah is going quite well, as I am sure Van has stated on his page. Yesterday afternoon, Ryan and Halene had a house warming party at their new place. Fun times were had by all. Our weekly bible study has been going through "Boy meets Girl"... I must say that it is a great book, with a great perspective on relationships. Although some of the ideas presented seem "old-fashioned" and out of date, a lot can be learned from them. I do find it somewhat ironic that it is one of the only bible studies I have ever gone through, that I can't put into practice immediately. I am confident that I can put these things into practice someday soon... but all in God's timing. I have been receiving more information about the 5 year reunion, for high school. It is amazing how many people seem to be married already. It is cool to know that so many people have already found that "somone special"! On Friday, I finally moved my email & webserver to our house. It has been graciously hosted at the "House of Bloodletting" for the past couple of years. Although the connection will likely be slower than before, at least I will be able to do system administration easier and quicker. Van and I have been going to South Valley Christian Church on a fairly regular basis. It is a great church and I have been enjoying the worship there.

Well, here I am. I've never done this journal thing before, so bear with me for awhile! Life's been busy lately, but it doesn' really seem so busy when I write it down! Last Friday Van and I went and saw Blade 2. I was worried that it might not meet my expectations, but thankfully it did. On Saturday, a group of us went to Polly Esther's (Dance Club), to celebrate Allison's birthday. It was a lot of fun! Thankfully there aren't any scary stories from that evening. I checked out Family Community Church on Sunday, in my search for a new church home. Pastor Buchholz gave a great message regarding marriage. Unfortunately, it was part 6 of a 6 part series. I also ran into the rest of the Buchholz family. It was good to see them again!

Last night, I setup the preliminary/testing of the radio link above. Right now, it is just a random collection of music. The ultimate goal is to have music that Van and I listen to. A little more planning will have to happen for that to be fully functional.