I can't believe I let this thing go for so long. Wow. There's a lot to talk about. I just enjoyed nearly a week away from work. I spen time in Santa Barbara for my sisters wedding to Julian and then went on to L.A. to see my dad and go to Universal Studios. Of course Meghan came with me and she got to meet some of my family which was really cool. We watched fireworks from my uncle's house in the hills of L.A. It was quite surreal to actually be looking down at the fireworks as opposed to up. We got to see about 15 different fireworks displays all at once. Pretty cool.

The biggest news for me is that Meghan and I got engaged! God has been so good to me and I really feel His presence in our lives. It came without any doubt that we should wed. We're moving plans along at a good pace and keeping ourselves free of stress right now. The date is Jan. 4th, though we're not sure of a location yet...we'll work on it and I'll let everyone know.

Oh and the band, yeah...lol...we've changed in mid-stride. Im now on bass permanently and we're a three piece punk band. I never thought the day would come when we'd have to make a decision like that, but its fun and it will allow us to take a step forward. First the step backwards though....writing new material. In the meantime we're playing acoustic gigs just to get the name out there. I feel like blabbing some more, but i've got some things to do...so til next time.....blah!

There's nothing that can bring me down right now! Thats the best way I can describe life. Im not quite sure why God has chosen to bless me so much recently. The only thing I am sure of is that I dont want it to end and that I want to keep doing things for Him. It really is encouraging. Risejudah's EP is becoming more and more of a reality on a daily basis as we work on it and throw things together. This weekend we're recording all the drums and I'll probably do some temporary vocals too so that we can release some demos to the site (www.risejudah.com). Meghan continues to take up more space in my heart on a daily basis. I really enjoy having her around and I love seeing her every single day. Its really cool cause generally I cant do that with people....but with her...I WANT to see her everyday. She's a best friend. She's a girlfriend. She's a future. Hmmm....yeah that could get deep, but lets take this slow, right? lol :). Recently we've been doing a bible study together and I think it really helps that we do it together and with a group also. Allows us to express ideals and to let each other know where we're at in life.

This weekend Megs, Dave, Jenny and myself are going to the Pop Disaster Tour!!! Im really pumped about it. This is Dave's gift to me for my b-day. Yeah, yeah...its coming up. Megs is taking me on a trip to www.sanysidroranch.com
, I can't wait til we go, look at it!!!! Its beautiful! Well...yeah...Im gonna go now.......and dream.


Just had probably my best weekend since I moved to CA. Friday night I went to another Golden State Warriors game and hungout with as very special girl that I hold dear to my heart. Saturday night...RISEJUDAH played its first live performance at a party! It went smashingly. I think we gained the support of a lot more people. Nothing but praise came off of peoples lips. Thank you God....risejudah is heading up! Sunday was another great day for we broke the foundations on the RiseJudah EP. We began recording and it sounds like this is going to be an awesome EP. Just for warmups and fun...we all went to the driving range beforehand to enjoy the sunny day. And perhaps something greater than continuing to pursue the dream...is finding someone to share it with. You see...the very special girl....the one mentioned earlier....the one that God has placed in my life, became my girlfriend Sunday night! What a great way to end the weekend. I havent had a girlfriend in a while and God has been working on me and the band in my time alone...now apparently is the time to share it with someone. Yeah. Great Rock n Roll, Great Girl, and a Great God.